Our place mat have been designed to stimulate curiosity, imagination and fantasy of the child but also to increase dialogue,  between adults and kids.

Artworks and Storytelling can transmit values among kids, dialogue and socialization, education and respect.  For this reason we designed our Super Heroes which help kids and parents to talk about bullish and racism, planet and ecology. With our placemats meal time becomes the opportunity for constructive and educational play, teaching and stimulate intelligence and the dialog. And our T-shirt 4 kids, a part to be wonderful and colorful, becomes a real costume which help kids to be more confident.

We therefore invite everyone to invest in children’s education by collecting works of art created and created for them by sensitive artists, illustrators and storytellers dedicated to the FUTURE OF CHILDREN. 

The Super HEROES of ART to EAT

We created several Super Heroes in Art to EAT i.e. Majello, Brave Arm, Giada, Respect Joe, Blu Rino and many others. Drilla is a journalist, blogger and the storywriter which, through her blog, interview the super heroes and write about their deeds. She is definitely a novelist and talk to media about foods, fashion, sports and everything connected to environment. All the characters and performers of ART to EAT, before to be Heroes are friends, and often they act as one unique team against injustice.

The Brave Team of ART to EAT is always happy and positive, and their scope is  contribute to save the world.


FORTEBRACCIO is a brave knight, a romantic Lord, a gentleman of the past who has been catapulted into our days.
The primary objective of FORTE BRACCIO is to intervene and fight always and wherever it is necessary, in the streets, in the school, or in sports fields, bullying and bullies.

His Mission is therefore to defend the innocent, the weak and the needy from arrogance and prevarication.


is the wonderful white heron and her main mission is to discover and report cases of fire in the woods and cases of water and air pollution. Flying high in the skies Giada is able to see and communicate in real time to Drilla these incidents which will immediately report to firemen and local police, and posting the news on her very popular blog immediately after that. The Giada main goal is to preserve and defend the environment.


is an urchin wild pig and his mission is to strive all kind of wasting, especially the food wasting. To see people, babies and child wasting food make him completely crazy and foolish. The Majello’s motto is to eat all and he definitely hates to assist to any waste. He is the NO WASTING Super Heroes.
Moreover Majello is the King of the Pig’s Clan.


RESPECT JOE is the Super Heroes which fight against racism caused by prejudice like color of the skin, religion or race. He’s fearless and manful with no hesitation and acts in any situation where is necessary to maintain the RESPECT.

You can find Respect Joe in any sport fields, in a small periphery camp till a popular tribune of a big stadium.

In the situations where racism appears Respect Joe intervenes with his smile and his beautiful words and so calm the agitation and brutality of people.

Unlike the other cases Drilla is informed by the viewers which write directly into DRILLA’s blog.


is a manful Hero and he struggle against any kind of violence perpetuated by human to animals. He‘s totally dedicated to fight any people mishandle animals. From poachers to animal traffickers, from the zoo gel to last pet domestic torture and as well as the other heroes he’s in contact with the “Voice of the Boys” Drilla.


is a crocodile and the Voice of the Heroes.
She’s journalist which write about abuses, violence and prevarication, she gives the voice to the weak people and allows intervention on misdeeds. She speaks clear and wright better to all media, TV, web and radio networks. Not last she has a followed BLOG name “the Voice of Boys” where she write also about food, diet, music, fashion and wealth, because her first job is to write. Drilla is the ART to EAT Voice and storyteller.


is Drilla’s brother and he’s also a crocodile.
Pinko has a problem: when he’s happy on his armor scaly emerge, as if by magic, some strange pink spots, a pink that becomes more and more fuchsia, and more intense when the joy and happiness increase, caused by the beauty of other animals and the nature around. The problem is not the joy but the pinks spots which transfer his feelings, what he feels, and what he thinks. This can make him in embarrass with his friends, and overall betray his love. However, Pinko has learned to control her shyness and her fears by outlining them, talking to her, with her friends and with her loved ones, so as to abide by her anxiety, her fears and her shyness.


All Mine is another Hero and among the most important. All Mine is just a tough character indeed very hard with impolite and rude children.
All Mine is really bad and severe with those who do not respect teachers, parents, and friends and people in general. All Mine, remember, is a Big & Bad Monster with super power that will take away all the toys and spread punishment to children that behave badly. Pay attention, a lot of attention, to All Mine.


Alena is a beautiful round and little bit overweight white whale.
She is very sweet with all, she always sings and dances. She use her voice like an instrument searching always new sounds. She write songs and create new dancing steps in the air when jumping out of the water. She adore the Water, she spend a lot of time in the bathroom and even in the shower to clean herself. Her motto is cleaning first. She loves swim. Her Mission is to defend the ocean and the sea habitat against the pollution made by human with their plastic and micro plastic.


Longneck is a dinosaur lost in the jungle, it has no more brothers and it is the last of the dynasty of the extinct dinosaurs.
Longneck has always been animated, ever since it was born of a crazy curiosity that often led him to risk the life: often the curiosity led him to stick in intricate and a little risky situations. His talent is to find the forgotten things, lost things, and above all the hidden treasures. It is often called by those in difficulty like her mother for the keys, the father for the wallet … and then he activates his special radar and hears the call of lost things and finds them.


is a couple of ever green heroes.
They love each other since ever. They travel together to discover the world and gents, cultures and traditions, languages and religions. They visit Venice, Florence, Paris, New York but also Tokio, Saigon, Rio de Janeiro, Kuala Lumpur, Bagdad, Gedda …. Dino and Ana use a special umbrella to travel. The magic umbrella which bring them to all over the world with fantasy, without paying tickets and taxes. The only thing they have to remember always, otherwise the magic umbrella will close up its power, is to visit any new places with an open mind and pure soul.


This Super Hero fights against haters, those who despise people and things. Its power is that when it is touched sucks, absorbs all the hatred that a person has inside and becoming more and more purple.

This T-shirt worn becomes the weapon of defense, the uniform, the costume of our super Hero. The T-shirt is needed to eradicate the hatred that is today quite widespread and common even among the little ones, which its often expressed with words more than with actions.

ART TO EAT strongly believes in children and young people
and the contribution that art can give to their education, their growth and their psycho-physical well being.

Interested in some of these artworks?