How it works

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  • ART to EAT made, produce and sell original and limited edition of works of art, decorative and design objects, create by contemporary artists, architects, designer and creative. The artworks could be on paper or other materials and made in different sizes and techniques as per paints, graphics, collages and others at discretion of the author.
  • All the works are signed in original by the artist with the addition of his/her fingerprint. All the artworks are successively verified, numbered, dated, certified and stamped by ART to EAT, guaranteed and protected by ART to EAT copyright.
  • The ART to EAT works realized on paper have A3 format (29.7x42cm), and are protected by a transparent plastic film which preserve the colors and drawing from oxidation and protect from moisture and water, and can be used as placemat for decoration of dining table.
  • The ART to EAT works realized on canvas, are in original or in limited edition, stamped and signed in original by the author, guaranteed and protected by ART to EAT copyright.
  • The ART to EAT artworks realized on wallpaper, are printed on paper or other fabrics, stamped and signed in original by the author, guaranteed and protected by ART to EAT copyright.
  • For any work of art of ART to EAT no rights to exploit any intellectual property rights, whether by copying such artwork or licensing such artwork for reproduction or publishing such artwork in any format, including, but not limited to, sculpture, limited edition print, illustration or other form of artwork or advertising, is granted to you, nor should any such grant be implied or inferred.
  • All such rights are expressly reserved to us and we do not guarantee that any such rights either will or will not be exercised.
  • We guarantee that artworks comply with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable in Italy for their sale.
  • We guarantee that the artworks are compliant with what stated in item 1. on delivery.
  • We also guarantee that the quality of the artworks is supervised by the Artistic Direction.
  • The work of art and goods are the result of the free artistic expression and interpretation of the Author and are exempt, therefore, from defects attributable to the design and realization of the artwork.
  • Any image of art, product, design, objects published and described in our website, in the Art Collection, Design Collection and Shop, in our catalogs or pamphlets, are artworks realized by artists in exclusive for ART to EAT.
  • The Purchase Order is finalized with the payment of the artworks you have selected and placed in the cart of the site. Upon payment you will receive an e-mail to your e-mail address, (provided by you), with our order number that will follow the shipment. From that moment we estimate about 3-5 (three-five) calendar days to deliver the order. The delivery of the purchased goods will take place in the manner described in our DELIVERY policy on web site.
  • Before proceeding with the payment of the artworks you have selected and added to the site’s cart, the system requires you to confirm that you have read and accepted our “terms and conditions” sales.
  • The Order together with the successful payment of the goods constitute, therefore, an integral part of the purchase contract on your part and supply from us.
  • The Order is a contract between the parties that we are free to accept or refuse at our absolute discretion.
  • The artwork ordered and fully paid is your responsibility from the time of delivery or from the moment you will be notified that it is available for collection.
  • Ownership of the goods will pass to you upon completion of delivery or collection of the goods.
  • About arts “custom made” we provide to realize special work of art, designed and made in exclusive and on behalf of the Customer. The quality and originality of the artwork, made by our artists in exclusive for the Customer, is guaranteed by ART to EAT following the agreement signed in advance between ART to EAT and the Customer. For more information please write to

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