Art Gallery



Our idea is to create a virtual Art Boutique where exhibit and sell Contemporary Art, Decorative Art and Craft products directly to costumer at affordable prices.

Our Art Gallery is the places where ART mark the SPACE, where the DECORATION become ART, where ART take place with FASHION, TEXTILE and DESIGN.

We make emotional rooms with original oversize canvas and astonishing wallpaper.

We create scenes and atmospheres to make your rooms the places to live. We are committed to create the place where you can discover, and purchase at the convenient price, contemporary works of art and design objects. 

Visiting our SHOP on LINE you will always find new and original ideas, craft and products that will continue to vary together with new artists, designers and craftsmen who are at the center of our mission. 

Welcome to the Gallery of Beauty

We sell Contemporary Works of Art, Fashion Art, Italian Design objects and brands, Decorative Art and Applied Art, in original, on demand and even in limited edition.

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